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The Tree That Knows Not Of Good And Evil

photo by Bruce Fertman

Barely breathing.
Winds whirl through dry, dusty lands.

Fallen to earth.

I know I am dying, she says.
Still, I can feel your desire.

Let your need for climbing end here, with me.
Let me be a bridge unto you.

Unlike others,
I am not for crossing over.
I am not a bridge between your life and longings.

I am the bridge over the sheer drop of freedom that hangs
Below the surface of your thoughts, upon the underside
Of your every deed.

Slowly, make your way to me.

Covered in moss and lichen of green and gold my body
Curves and slides without deference to vertical or horizontal.

Stay low.
Lay yourself down.
Listen well to what I say.

Suffering cannot help you.

Forget yourself she says,
Her limbs entwining my limbs.
She waits for my consent.
Pressing without pressing, sliding without sliding.
She opens and fills spaces unbeknown.

I am nothing.
Only the warm, swift rush of time given…and time lost.

She knows my heart. She is my heart.
Without speaking she says to me I am here, with you,
On this bed of earth.

Rest your body everywhere in my body.

Remember me she says, remember me forever,
Which is not for long she says like the silver morning dew
Echoing from the blue stream,
Arcing out of sight.

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  1. is this tallen tree in the monsignor patrick smith park, santa fe NM?

    March 6, 2013
    • This tree fell some 12 years ago in Coyote by a small stream that runs through my property. The beavers had gotten to its old, protruding roots. The tree is down but still flourishing, small trees springing up all around it. It lives on both sides of the stream. I still sit in it now and again.

      March 7, 2013
  2. This morning i showed my guests this tree, that years ago, had fallen, just when, in my like, i too had fallen. The tree remains alive. It’s lying down over a small stream, but it’s once horizontal branches are growing up, vertically, like trees. New cottonwood trees have sprouted up all around it. Together, we all still growing. She knows my heart. She is my heart.

    August 11, 2012

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