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A painter friend of mine recently looked at some of my photos and noted that almost all of my photos seemed simultaneously to convey emotional weight and uplift. Strangely, I had never noticed this. We are the last ones to know. Now I see what she means, and of course, it makes perfect sense being who I am, and doing what I do and have done, as a teacher, for so many years. These are just a smattering of photos. Soon I hope to find the time to get more of my photos up for you to enjoy.

                         Molded River Antelope Canyon                                                       photo by Bruce Fertman  

Saint Teresa                                                       photo by Bruce Fertman

Logan Square, Philadelphia                                                      photo by Bruce Fertman

                         Shiprock                                                      photo by Bruce Fertman

Lichen                                                     photo by Bruce Fertman

Cézanne                                                     photo by Bruce Fertman

Heavenly body                                                     photo by Bruce Fertman

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  1. Your path reminds me in some ways of mine as well: perhaps the readings I have had saying I spent 6 lives in the martial arts to prep for this one and what I’m doing also overlap with your past. On another front, I wonder what Lorenzo from the gymnastics gym in Philly you once took me to (thanks- it was important for me) has done?

    January 29, 2017
  2. Sensei, your life has blossomed like a lotus from its roots in an externally focused life in Philly and Abington to your taking a stand for the artistic expression of strength with grace versus winning meets in Gymnastics and surrendering your scholarship to dance, Aikido, more dance and the preservation and extension of F.M. Alexander’s breakthroughs you have indeed become a living treasure!

    December 3, 2016
    • Aaron, it has been a very long time. somehow you found me. thank you for your kind words. right now i am in seoul, korea teaching at our new alexander school here. how are you. i will try to find you on facebook, or you can find me. bruce

      December 3, 2016

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