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A Peaceful Body


A peaceful body is an unafraid body. It senses its source, its larger body, as a baby senses its mother or father cradling them in their arms. A peaceful body is a safe body.

A peaceful body is a trustful body. It lets itself be touched by the world, and immediately and fully a peaceful body touches the world back.

It doesn’t retain itself, doesn’t withdraw, doesn’t run away. It doesn’t push against, doesn’t fight. It meets. It joins. It receives, even when giving. A peaceful body only receives. It is all it can do. It is not in the least selfish. It is simply open.

A peaceful body is never alone.

It senses how it is always in contact, always enjoined, always in touch – a breeze against its face, the warmth of the sun on its shoulders, the ground under its feet. A peaceful body is always in good company.

A peaceful body knows that its outer body, to which it is attached, wears out and dies, and that peaceful bodies don’t. They live on through others.


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