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A Peaceful Body
A peaceful body is an unafraid body. It senses its source, its larger body, as a baby senses its mother or father cradling them in their arms. A peaceful body is a safe body.

A peaceful body is a trustful body.

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Poise occurs by itself when we stop interfering with it. The hitch is that we don’t know precisely how we are interfering with it because we can’t feel the interference.

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Babies don’t interfere with themselves.
Babies don’t judge, correct, or evaluate themselves.
They can’t make a mistake because they don’t know what it means to make a mistake.

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A Particular Silence
When we come into this world, we do not take our first breath. The air of the world rushes into our lungs, and we are breathed.
As a child, while sitting next to my mom in her red 1952 Chrysler, on the way to my grandparent’s house, …

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What It Takes To Walk Besides A Good Pair Of Shoes
Do you know the origin of the word ‘saunter?’ It’s a beautiful word. Away back in the Middle Ages people used to go on pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and when people in the villages through which they passed asked where they were going, …

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A Turn Of Heart

Thirty-five years ago I naively, but bravely, ventured out and began introducing small groups of interested people to The Peaceful Body.

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Teachers of the Way
Beauty Longing for Itself

Many teachers teach what they know.
Teachers of the Way,
Teach what they do not know, and need to understand.

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Entering a Japanese tea room for the first time, not only were the objects beautiful and asking to be seen and used, but the entire environment was quietly spacious, full of calmness. Suddenly, I could really see.

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The Blueprint

This article is, essentially, an edited transcription of a class I gave in 1991. Consequently, the writing style in this essay is informal, more like the spoken word.
I use metaphors a great deal. This is not the same as using visual images.

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Clear Love

Field Notes From a Beginning Tango Dancer

Tango is not about what you think it is about. Nor is tango about what it looks like its about.
Tango is not about dancing; it’s about walking.

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There are two kinds of people.
Foxes and Hedgehogs.
Foxes dig lots of shallow holes, spreading out all over the place.
Their coats are silky, shiny, and colorful. They’re debonair.

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The Work of F.M. Alexander Meets The Work of Byron Katie


I have been practicing the Work of F.M. for 40 years, but The Work of B.K. for only four years. The similarities are striking.

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The Unseating Of The Soul

A Relaxed and Loving Vigilance
A student of the Rabbi of Lubin, a Hasidic master fasted from one Sabbath to the next.
On Friday afternoon he began to suffer a cruel thirst.

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Between everything
My Hidden Structure as A Peaceful Body Teacher
A playful, serious weaving
of story, metaphor, and life experience
with anatomical know-how and tactual wisdom,
founded upon a working understanding of peaceful body principles.

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