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“After reading your essays and having watched most of your videos, I am lost for words (highly unusual for me). The photos, the videos, the music and the teachings have touched me deeply and connected me to timeless beauty and stillness. Watching you place hands on people, I see and sense a special quality. The profound sensitivity, respect, compassion, stillness and humility you bring to your work is palpable, even on photos or a video. I meet the world differently with my hands since.”

Dr Anikó Ball B.D.Sc
Senior Clinician/SleepWise Clinic
Trainee at Melbourne Alexander School

Your True Face

These photos were taken in the spring of 2015 in Seoul, Korea. They capture the beauty and inner peace of people as they first experience the power of Alexander’s work. During this trip I mostly worked with traditional korean musicians, dentists, dancers and psychologists.

The Touch

In this short video, by Anchan, you get to see what Marj Barstow passed onto me, what Alexander passed on to her, and what I will continue to do my best to pass on to my students for as long as I am able.

Teaching in Japan and Korea 2010

Look at the joy and peace in these people’s faces! Anchan has watched me teach for so many years, he just knows
exactly when a person is about to let go into greater freedom. I put together these photos to a piece of music called, Harmony as a thank you gift to all the wonderful people in this photo video.

Teaching in Germany 2010

Have you ever had trouble trying to tell someone what the Alexander Technique is about? Award winning videographer Renea Roberts, in this heartfelt documentary, captures what Alexander’s work is about, as understood through The Alexander Alliance Germany, a school I founded in 1996.

Who Will Take Care Of The People Who Take Care Of People?

Workshop for Physical Therapists
Osaka, Japan

Watch two physical therapists become dramatically more coordinated while doing physical therapy while having lots of fun!

Finding Your Peaceful Body

Anchan, as a videographer, catches the beauty in one person after another just as they are returning to their peaceful body. If you are a person for whom self-kindness does not come easily, and that is true for so many of us, then I think by watching this short video you will experience something that may truly help you.

Top 10 myths about the Alexander Technique

This video also tells you ten truths about the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique may not be what you think it is.

Teaching in Tokyo 2011

Tada “Anchan” Akihiro, my friend, student, and colleague, put together this short, entertaining video of people having a lot of fun while learning an important idea in one of my classes.

Alexander Alliance Annual Summer Retreat Northern New Mexico

Director: Robyn Avalon

For more videos from the Summer Retreat, please click here.

More Than the Eye Can See


Looks Like Love to Me

Alexander Technique teachers could learn a lot from these physical therapists. They’re not afraid to get physical, not afraid to touch, not afraid to use their whole bodies to do their work. They don’t hold back. It looks like love to me. Yano-sensei, Kenji-sensei, Sakiko-sensei, Yoko-sensei, Anchan-sensei, Shiho-sensei, Araki-sensei, Yoshiko-sensei, Doumo arigatou gosaimashita.

Old Japan

Here are a few photos taken in Japan over the past couple of years. I’ve been visiting Japan annually for 24 years. Years of study in Aikido, Chanoyu, and Zen color what I see, and how i see what i see, not only in Japan. It’s as if my photographic eye has become Japanese. Japan goes wherever I go. A painter in Santa Fe recently told me that almost all my photos juxtapose weight and uplift, darkness and light, sadness and hope. I, of course, had no idea; was the last to know. Now I begin to see what she sees, and it makes sense. If I am projecting myself into everything I see, then I’ve have to look around to find out who I am. That would imply that through these photos i am showing you a bit of who I am.

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