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Teacher Training Program

The Alexander Alliance Germany celebrates it’s 20th anniversary, the Alexander Alliance International it’s 35th anniversary.

Times change. When Alexander began formally training teachers in the early 1930’s, he designed a three year program that met for a couple of hours in the mornings, five mornings a week. After three years of training he asked most of his trainees to stay on for a fourth year. He felt it would be of help to them. And so it began.

Alexander’s training structure was, I think, elitist in design. People of means trained with him. These days, virtually everyone works.

When we began, back in 1982, American professors of music, theatre, and dance wanted to become Alexander teachers so they could integrate the Alexander Technique into their curriculums. We designed a training structure making it possible for them to become AT teachers, a structure like a human body with a good balance between structure and flexibility, a structure that gave our trainees room to move and live, work, learn and grow.

It worked, because here we are, 35 years later, still going strong.

Our four year training program encompasses 1600 hours of training over four years. We meet every fall, spring, and summer outside of Einbeck for three 9 day retreats a year, and we connect those retreats by training  8 weekends per year in Deuten. There are weekly study groups, as well as self-study projects.

Everyone loves the structure. It’s like going on vacations all year long and at the same time being in a school and a community you love. Training at the Alliance is at once contemplative and festive. It’s something you have to experience to understand, which is why we invite people who are seriously considering training to visit us for two days, for free.

Another unique feature to our Alexander Alliance training model is that we are the only international AT training program. Not only do our European trainees train in Germany, if and when possible they study in Japan, Korea, and America as well. And at the same time our Japanese, Korean, and American trainees visit us in Germany. That’s what makes us a multicultural community/school. And if a trainee can’t travel to other countries to study, that is okay, because the Alexander Alliance directors of training from every country teaches at every school, every year.

Classes are taught in German and/or English. Translation is always available when needed.

The Germany School

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