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Working with Three Time Olympian – Minori Hayakari

Working with Minori is like working with a person who is also part greyhound.  She is small and lean and ready to go. She also reminds me of an exquisitely made violin with great tone.  She is precisely and accurately tuned.  She integrated the smallest suggestions I made. They immediately made sense to her.  When working with a great artist or athlete, the smallest changes register as huge and significant.  And for Minori, a change that cuts one second off her time can make all the difference.  We met and worked in Albuquerque, and in a week I will be meeting with Minori in Kyoto, and with her team.  Sugoi!

Coach Manabu Kawagoe was also with us.  He is a famous and much admired coach in Japan, very kind, and he also enjoyed the work we did together.

This video is 11 minutes long.  Don’t miss Minori in the beginning and in the last third of the video.  Beautiful.


知人の紹介で、アメリカ ニューメキシコ州アルバカーキで早狩実紀選手に(アレクサンダーテクニークの)ワークをする機会がありました。初めてのアレクサンダーテクニークにも関わらず、すべての刺激を繊細かつ正確に捉える彼女はさすがオリンピック選手という感じでした!! 内なる動きとともに、しなやかさと力強さを増した彼女の身体はとても美しく映りました。そしてわずかな動きも感じ取る彼女は、身体の中に動きがおこる瞬間瞬間に新たな神経回路を自ら築いていっているようでした。

これからも早狩実紀選手を応援していきたいと思います!! 来年はオリンピックイヤー、皆さんも是非早狩選手を応援してください!!