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Student Voices from Grace of Sense – My First Online Course


Here are some impressions by Grace of Sense students of what it was like to study with me. Hopefully, some short videos will follow.

Be safe. Remain vigilant.


Student Voices

A Composite of Impressions by students who partook in A Grace of Sense – Part I

I look forward to Saturday mornings with Bruce very much and have been letting all I learn at each session percolate and filter into the way I live. With the wonderful visual imagery he gives in each session, I’m coming to a much more relaxed and comfortable understanding of myself. No longer am I beating myself up for forgetting to think about of all the things I ‘should’ be doing. I’m enjoying the freedom of allowing my body to do what comes most naturally. I find the exercises easy to practice, and I do so joyfully and without wondering what I’m doing ‘wrong’.  A new kind of contentment is taking hold.


As far as I am aware, all of the études and practices Bruce presents to us are original. The movements were introduced at a pace which allowed us to absorb each stage without being rushed to move on to the next. So, a complex movement or idea can be learned safely and slowly enough to stick. He lets the material permeate into you. His visual demonstrations and vocal guidance are clear and easy to follow. I find the content of the course extremely rich, to the extent that I feel I could continue to work on it for the rest of my life.

Bruce’s honest, affectionate regard for his students promotes learning. He has a deep trust in people finding their own way given tools and enough space and encouragement to explore. This has given me permission, both in myself and in my teaching, to move away from looking for something that is ‘right’ or ‘correct’. He promotes confidence.

A highlight of the course is listening to Bruce talk with such deep integration and understanding about the many different aspects of his work. He is a gifted raconteur.


Reading the notes, seeing the videos were vital because there was so much info in the classes it would be impossible to take it all in in one go. It is extremely valuable to be able to access the information after class. The online page is set out beautifully and the artwork is an added bonus. So much thought and care and love has gone into this… beyond my expectations. The continuity of 10 weeks was good for me and I liked having homework each week – just the right amount. I appreciate the care with which Bruce created his curriculum.

I feel more grounded. Less reactive. Bigger. Enriched.