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Student Voices from Grace of Sense – Where Our Inner World and Outer World Meet

Honestly, I was not sure that this online teaching was going to work. I was skeptical. After all, my work is so profoundly physical and personal.

But it did work. Now, I am eager to get back in the saddle and continue teaching.

If you were not able to join in this time around, hopefully I will offer this course again beginning in October of 2021.

Here are some impressions by Grace of Sense students of what it was like to study with me. Hopefully, some short videos will follow.

Be safe. Remain vigilant.


Student Voices

The highlight of the course was listening to Bruce talk about many different aspects of the work that he has developed with such deep integration and understanding. He is a gifted raconteur. As far as I am aware, all of the études and practices he presented to us are original, developed to communicate his own unique synthesis of Alexander’s ideas. I found the content of the course extremely rich, to the extent that I feel I could continue to work on it for the rest of my life.

Bruce teaches in a slow step wise fashion giving his students time to assimilate one layer before moving on to a deeper one. So, a complex movement or idea can be learned safely and slowly enough to stick. He lets the material permeate into you. His honest, affectionate regard for his students promotes learning.

There is something so restful about Bruce’s pace that it feels easy and fun to learn with him. His pace and approach is perfect for learning and full of stories and metaphors, imagery and imagination.

Lots of deep thought, years of experience and playfulness coming through in the delivery, promoting confidence to apply the work. Refreshingly, a teacher not trapped in the AT language, demonstrating deep understanding about the principles to apply to the changing cultural contexts in a constantly changing world.

I enjoyed Bruce’s exploratory approach, the imagery, and the emphasis on softness. I think he has a deep trust in people finding their own way given tools and enough space and encouragement to explore, and that has given me permission both in myself and in my teaching to move away from looking for something that is ‘right’ or ‘correct’.

The continuity of 10 weeks was good for me and I liked having homework each week – just the right amount. I appreciate the care with which Bruce created a curriculum.

I feel that the wealth of the course is in the follow through with videos and notes and all the additional material that supports the live /online sessions… beyond my expectations.

I feel more grounded. Less reactive. Bigger. Enriched.

A Composite of Impressions by students who partook in A Grace of Sense – Part I




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