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Alexander Technique Workshop In Zurich With Bruce Fertman

Redirecting Unnecessary Tension Into Useful Energy

Directly Experiencing

Your Inherent Coordination And Power

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Photo: B. Fertman

November 12, 2017



We know it’s true. Einstein proved it. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Rather, it transforms from one form to another.

That goes for us too. We don’t need more energy. We need to know how to transform our energy, how to unbind it, to free it. We need to know how to redirect it so that it works for us rather than against us.

This is what Alexander figured out how to do, and in this workshop we will begin learning how to accomplish this for ourselves.

This workshop is for:

– People who wish to be introduced to Alexander’s work.

– People who are current students of Alexander’s work.

– People who use their hands in their work to help other people – bodyworkers, massage therapists, movement educators, performing art teachers, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, nurses and hospice workers, etc.

– Alexander trainees.

– Alexander teachers who want to learn how to introduce the work effectively and enjoyably within a group context and who are open to a possibly new perspective on the work.

About Bruce Fertman


He is the embodiment of his work. His touch is like a butterfly settling down on the very turning point of your soul. And then you know, “That’s who I am, that is who I could be.”

M. Tueshaus, Alexander Teacher / Tango Teacher/ Equestrian

Bruce has been using his hands, helping people to move well, for fifty-five years. He trained with five first generation Alexander teachers: Catherine Merrick Wielopolska, Marjorie L. Barstow, Richard M. Gummere Jr., Elisabeth Walker, and Erika Whittaker. Bruce brings a lifetime of training as a movement artist and educator to his work as an Alexander teacher, having trained in Gymnastics, Modern Dance, Ballet, Contact Improvisation, Tai Chi Chu’an, Aikido, Chanoyu, Argentine Tango, and Kyudo. In 1982, Bruce co-founded the Alexander Alliance International, an intergenerational, multicultural community/school. Currently director of the Alexander Alliance Germany, Bruce also teaches annually for Alexander Alliance training programs in Japan, Korea, and America. He conducts post graduate training programs in Dorset and Zurich. Currently, Bruce is near completion of Teaching By Hand/Learning By Heart – Delving Into The Work Of F.M. Alexander, which will soon be published by Mouritz press.

Gone is the straight-lined striving, the stopping and oughting. Instead curiosity, inquisitiveness, and permission to experiment, to play, to open boxes and to climb out of them into a world of possibility – a world both soft and strong. And all this through a quiet power, an exquisite touch, a clarity of speech, and a wealth of wisdom. For me, Bruce’s work is more than exciting; it is important, both to the world and to anyone involved in any way with Alexander’s Technique.

A. Turner – Alexander Technique Teacher
Cornwall, England

One of the foremost representatives of Marjorie Barstow’s lineage, Bruce’s work is unique and innovative. Bruce is especially gifted when it comes to teaching in groups. He’s a philosopher, poet and writer who gives voice to what is wonderful about the Alexander Technique.

Michael Frederick – Founding Director of the International Congresses for the Alexander Technique

For information and to register contact

Magdalena Gassner




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