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Alexander Alliance International


In 1982, Martha and Bruce Fertman founded The Alexander School in Philadelphia. The Alexander School became The Alexander Foundation, which became The Alexander Alliance, which became The Alexander Alliance International.

People from Europe and Asia began visiting our little school. They began to invite us to their countries to teach. In time some insisted that we begin teacher-training programs in their countries. We had no idea how we were going to do that. But we said yes. And we did it. A training program began in Germany, and then in Kyoto, Japan, and later in Tokyo as well. A new training program began in America too.

Thirty-two years later, some 215 Alexander Alliance teachers are out and about, around the world passing on Alexander’s work, as inspired by Marjorie L. Barstow, the first person certified to teach the Alexander Technique.

We welcome you to study with us. Our doors are open to anyone with a sincere interest in learning about Alexander’s work. One of the best ways to meet us is to attend one of our two Annual Alexander Alliance Summer Retreats, one in Northern New Mexico, and the other in Northern Germany. If you would like to become an Alexander Alliance teacher, you can visit any of our four teacher-training programs. All the information you need, you will find here.

When studying at the Alexander Alliance incorrect assumptions suddenly drop away. New knowledge prevails. Prior actions become inappropriate. Old restraints are discarded. Perspective changes. New freedoms are found. Life shifts. – J. Schaffer

We look forward to working with you,

Bruce Fertman

The Alexander Alliance International, Founder and Director

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