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One Week Remains Before, A Grace of Sense, Begins.

One week remains before our online course, A Grace of Sense, begins. If you have been meaning to join but have forgotten to register, now is the time. Or, if you are just seeing this now, it is possible to get in just under the wire. Here is a letter, just sent to those who have registered. It will give you some idea of how my classes will be structured. For the courses content, click on the link about the course. 




My Fellow Grace of Sense Students from Near and Afar,

Soon, our gathering will begin. I, for one, am excited and welcome this opportunity to learn, and to share my continuing explorations on how to live a physically contemplative life.

When Covid-19 arrived, like so many, I traveled inward. I began writing a book whose working title is In Good Company – The End of Living Alone. But it could just as well be entitled, A Grace of Sense – Where Our Inner World and Outer World Meet.

Unsure as to whether or not I was losing my way, I followed my thoughts inland. About four months on, I decided to journey back, to share my ideas with a few like-minded souls. Would they strike a chord with anyone other than myself?

With trepidation, based upon these tender thoughts, I decided to offer an online course. Against the advice of some of my trusted advisors, I decided to write long theme descriptions. Only the people who were interested enough to sit, read, and think about my theme descriptions were likely to partake. I was hoping that about 20 people would register, not many, but at least they would be genuinely eager to study and learn. A hundred people registered.

How will I go about teaching a hundred people? Being the pedagogue I am, I found this question immensely stimulating and proceeded to spend the next couple of months figuring out how to make this situation work for all of us, how to create a clear structure, a cohesive group focus, and yet at the same time, create room for discussion, for the asking of questions and the answering of them, and for getting to know one another. All online!

Let me share with you now some of ideas.

Most classes will begin with movement. I will be teaching a simple, easy movement, but I will teach it in great depth over the course of ten weeks. We will spend a little time in pairs learning how to see and appreciate one another in silence, as we move sensitively within ourselves.

Each week there have a theme. Not only will I share my thoughts about the theme, but I will teach you ways of physically contemplating these themes on your own. We will break into small groups to share briefly our impressions, insights, and thoughts on the theme at hand. We will write down questions as they arise. Just like in my “actual” classes, I have found that important work happens within these small groups.

Finally, I will suggest ways of integrating what we learn each week into our daily round. I will also collect your questions at the end of every class.

The very next day, I will make a video or podcast and answer as many questions as I can. You will get an email alerting you as to when that is available for you and how to find it. Likewise, you will be notified as to when a recording of our class is available for you to watch, if you should wish to watch it again. In the event that you ever miss a class, these recordings will help you stay on board. Both the video recording and the podcast will only be accessible to you through the duration of our course. It will not be downloadable. However, the written material I send you each week will be available for you to print and to share. I will say more about this later.

Finally, I will begin a Facebook group only for the participants of A Grace of Sense 2020. This way we will all have a forum in which we can communicate, socialize and get to know one another. Having had the good fortune of being part of a vibrant and loving Alexander community for 40 years, I know how supportive it is to study alongside other kindred spirits. In addition to connecting to others through our Facebook group, I encourage you, if you wish, to write to me every week and share with me your thoughts, your questions, your confusions, your breakthroughs, your experience.

Before you know it, a week will have sailed by and it will be time for another class! And so it will go for 10 weeks.

See you soon. Be safe. Remain vigilant.



A Grace of Sense – Where Our Inner World and Outer World Meet

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