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Robyn Avalon is, no doubt, one of the most remarkable teachers I’ve had the pleasure to know and learn from. Though once a student of mine, some 30 years ago, Robyn now serves as the co-director of the Alexander Alliance International as well as being the director of her own training program, based in Portland, Oregon. Her school is an Alexander Alliance affiliated school and is called the  Contemporary Alexander School, CAS.

Here in this beautiful documentary, (now about 10 years old), you get a glimpse of Robyn’s indelible spirit, of her joy and exuberance for Alexander’s work. She is unabashedly unconventional while at the same time committed to imparting the essence of Alexander’s work to her students. She is at once lighthearted and serious, spontaneous and disciplined, expansive and grounded.

You also get to feel how Robyn, Sakiko, Midori and I work in concert, all of us directors of Alexander Alliance affiliated schools.

This year, because of the Alexander Congress taking place in Chicago, we will not be hosting our Annual Alexander Alliance Summer Retreat, but will again in 2019. If you would like to know more write to Robyn at

Enjoy this video. It’s wonderful. Don’t be fooled by the cover photo. Must see if I can figure out how to change that!

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