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Alexander Games – Led by Robyn Avalon – Sunday, September 24, 2017 in Zurich

What do these experiences have in common?

Being a dinosaur with a ponytail and long wings walking on the beach.

Finding support on a crowded Tokyo subway.

Asking a chauffeur to drive you to a new place.

Being a neck, negotiating between a heavy head and a sleepy body.

They are all part of group games designed to teach Alexander’s principles.

How do these playful moments help introduce Alexander’s Work?

Students have the opportunity to notice their habitual patterns, as well as ways to return to their innate coordination and grace; they gain both an understanding and experience of AT basics such as primary movement and inhibition; and they can directly feel how Alexander’s Work can offer them grace and ease in their life.

In this lively and experiential workshop, you will learn group and partner games which effectively offer people a direct, clear, and meaningful experience of Alexander’s Principles. You will also learn the essential tools for teaching in groups settings. Group teaching is fundamentally different than teaching individuals, and, as such, it requires it’s own skills.

You will learn how to get people moving, seeing, sensing, and thinking; how to create profound private moments in a group setting; how to keep the momentum and balance needed for group learning; and how to offer a clear, lively, meaningful experience of the Principles and tools with which we study them to a group.

We will both play and analyze these games, offering you the opportunity to experience them as a student, as well as learn how they are crafted and why they work! These Alexander Games have been crafted and taught for over 30 years in hundreds of workshops worldwide. Why not add them to your teaching toolbox!

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is ideal for Alexander Teachers and Trainees as well as everyone else. It is a fun and informative way to experience the power of Alexander Work.

About Robyn

Robyn has been a student of FM Alexander’s Work for over 40 years. She is the Founding Director of the Contemporary Alexander School, the USA branch of Alexander Alliance International, offering Alexander Technique Teacher Training in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Portland, Oregon, as well as being on the Core Faculty of the AAI German and Japan schools since their inception. In the summers she is on the faculty of the renowned Meadowmount School of Music. In addition to training teachers, Robyn travels the world offering beginner through post-graduate workshops in a contemporary presentation of Alexander’s Principles.

In addition to Alexander Workshops, Robyn offers workshops and trainings that support educators in all fields. She is the creator of Living in a Body™: The Quintessential Owner’s Guide to Natural Movement. This body mapping professional certification course is offered worldwide, with translations available in English, Japanese, German and French. She also offers an ongoing series of post-graduate workshops, Ways of Knowing, which provide tools for accessing and incorporating intuition and imagination in the educational process.

Robyn especially enjoys bringing Alexander’s Work to a wide range of people. With her own extensive background in professional theater and dance, Robyn is most at home when offering the Work to many of the world’s leading orchestras, chamber ensembles, dance, theater, and opera companies, and circuses. But she is equally comfortable teaching in an Olympic equestrian arena, for the Ladies PGA, or at a meeting of the world’s top cardiac surgeons. Her private practice incorporates a unique blend of Contemporary Alexander, Cranial Sacral, Visceral Unwinding, Deep Imagery, Matrix Energetics®, and a life-long study of varied intuitive skills, to create a unique somatic experience. She enjoys teaching the very young and the very old, the absolute beginners and the masters, and everyone in between.

Incredibly broad knowledge, clear, to the point and exact, incredible energy, incredibly kind and loving,  profound and playful – that´s Robyn. 

Knowing Robyn has changed my life, given me more freedom and joy. Robyn has opened a whole new world of possibilities for me. She´s the Queen of Group teaching. If you want to learn to enjoy what you do, she is the one you want to meet. Robyn teaches ease, grace, high performance, curiosity and freedom. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Marieke Klemm, MD, Alexander Technique Teacher

Workshop Details

 No prior experience necessary.

People of all ages welcome.

Limited number of participants.

Date: 24.09.2017, 10am – 6pm

Location: Technopark Zurich (close to train stop Hardbrücke)

Course fee: CHF 160.- (Students CHF 125.-)

Workshop language: English (translation to German)

Individual lessons (CHF 110.-/45ˈ) can be arranged on Thursday 21.09., Friday 22.09. & Monday 25.09.2017.

Additionally, Robyn will give a workshop entitled „Alexander Work in Everyday Life Situations“ on Saturday, 23.09.2017.

Organizers and assistant teachers: Magdalena and Johannes Gassner

For more information and to register call +41 (0)77 475 50 27 or write to

To learn more about Robyn and the Alexander Alliance:

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