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The First Satellite Alexander Alliance Teacher Training Program In The Alexander Technique Zurich, Switzerland 2018/2019

This summer two people who live in Switzerland visited our school in Germany. They were moved not only by what we taught and how we taught it, but by our entire community/school; the senior teachers, the supporting teachers, the graduates, the trainees, the guests, the beautiful country side, the teaching spaces, accommodations and food, by the entire spirit of the Alexander Alliance itself.

The Alexander Alliance began as a small school in 1982 in Philadelphia, and is now a community/school with branches in Germany, Japan, Korea, England, America, and Switzerland, with almost 100 students under its wings.

These two AT students from Switzerland want to begin training, however going to three 9-day retreats in Germany and 7 long weekend gatherings in Germany seems like too much traveling for them.

Hence the creation of a satellite school where all the weekend gatherings happen in Switzerland. That means they only having to travel to Germany for the three 9-day retreats. Much more doable.

Now, to begin a satellite program in Switzerland we need to have a minimum of 6 trainees. We believe there are 6 people who would like to begin training in the spring of 2018, and we know who two of them are, but as yet we do not know who are the other 4 trainees.

If one of them is you, then I invite you to let us know!

You can read about our training program in Germany here.

And you can read about the Alexander Alliance International here.

Robyn Avalon, one of our senior teachers will be in Zurich in September.

I will be in Zurich in November.

Please join us.

Robyn will teach two of the training weekends in Zurich. I will teach two of the training weekends in Zurich, Margarete Tueshaus will teach two of the training weekends in Zurich, and hopefully Rosa Luisa Rossi will teach one of our weekends as a guest teacher.

For more information contact me at or Magdalena Gassner at

Robyn and I look forward to working with you soon!


Bruce Fertman for the Alexander Alliance Switzerland.







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