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Request And Contest

photo: B. Fertman

Now that I’ve signed a contract and placed my book in the good and capable hands of Jean Fischer and Mouritz Publishers, my mind begins searching for fragments of future writings.

My request.

If you are moved to help me and perhaps our Alexander community at large, send me your favorite quotes, poems, paragraphs, articles, essays, stories and images you feel capture the essence of Alexandrian Inhibition; physically, psychologically, philosophically, scientifically, spiritually, or esthetically. Feel free to tell me why. Include your sources if possible, i.e., author, book, page number, etc.

The Contest.

Those who send me what I deem to be the top five entries, ones I do not have, and that will likely be used in a future book on the subject, (and credited), will receive a free first edition, hard back copy of my new book, Teaching By Hand/Learning By Heart: Delving Into The Work Of F.M. Alexander, which will be available in early 2018.

I am mostly interested in writings on the subject written by thinkers and artists other than F.M. Alexander, though I am also interested in your favorite quotes on Alexandrian Inhibition written by Alexander as well.

Send your entries to:

Thank you for your help.




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  1. Ellen Farrell #

    Bruce – my email below, and inclusion of a short poem, was about your blog “Request And Contest” – as you can see if you scroll down, it is beneath my original email. So, I hope that reduces your confusion? I certainly have fond memories of training with you at Rutgers and was grateful for the work and how you taught it.

    You responded about another issue entirely, regarding my inclusion of you in a small intro section of teachers who have influenced me in the book that I am editing now about the Core Star: >

    August 11, 2017

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