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An Interview for Eye-Ai – Magazine for Japanese Entertainment And Culture

By Karen Riley

By Karen Riley

This post is mainly for the Marketing The Alexander Technique Facebook folks.

You never know.

I was in Santa Fe, admiring an artist’s work that had a bit of a Japanese flair to it. I mentioned it to her, Karen Riley, whereupon she told me she had lived in Japan for some time and still edits for a Japanese magazine. When she found out what I did in Japan she asked if she could interview me.  Basically she pulled a lot together on her own by information she gleaned from my blog and websites. Then together we fine tuned it. It wasn’t difficult. Eye-Ai is the only monthly publication in English devoted entirely to Japanese entertainment and culture. It’s been around for 35 years. It’s a pop culture, youth oriented magazine, very lightweight, not a magazine I thought would be the least bit interested in what I’m doing.

But why not? That’s often the right question to ask. You never know. It goes out to 5000 readers. One reader might be interested. That’s fine. Nothing lost.

Now I have a finished piece and will submit it to the Kyoto Journal and to the Japan Times, both for English readers.

Why not?

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