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Photo: B. Fertman

Photo: B. Fertman

Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring dv 1665


…a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; intuitive understanding and insight.

How are these two women feeling?

Look closely.

What do you actually see, what specifically tells you  how they may be feeling?

I’d like to know what you see.

If you like, share your perceptions with me.

Thank you.

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  1. Keiko Ishii #

    Lower photo:She was at rest. She knew that she had been looked at by someone. She was a little confused, afraid, and turned around her head slowly and diffidently to see the intent of that person hoping peaceful relationship. Top photo: She seems to be full of self-confidence. She suddenly noticed something behind and gave a quick look at it (or a person). Her tight mouth and raised chin show that she tries to see what it is objectively.

    April 9, 2013
  2. Nancy and Carson. thanks for taking the time to respond. i read your perceptions, look at the photos, and i can see what you see. It just makes me wonder what we do all day long when we look at people, or sunsets, or trees blowing in the wind. Is the world our mirror? Can we ever see something as it is? I don’t know.

    April 6, 2013
  3. nancylebovitz #

    Top photo: very shielded, somewhat concerned about what she’s seeing. Her face is very held.

    Lower photo: frightened– her mouth is relaxed, unlike the top photo. I’m not sure why I’m reading the eyes in both cases as frightened.

    April 6, 2013
  4. Carson Boyd #

    I see images of both a black and white photograph and an aged painting. Each depict a young woman gazing, innocently, over her left shoulder. Neither appear to have a personal agenda at the moment. They are simply looking, and taking in what they see.

    April 5, 2013

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