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Old Japan Through The Eyes Of A Romantic – Photos By Bruce Fertman

Photo: Bruce Fertman

Here are a few photos taken in Japan over the past couple of years. I’ve been visiting Japan annually for 24 years. Not sure how that happened.

Years of study in Aikido, Chanoyu, and Zen color what I see, and how I see what I see, not only in Japan. It’s as if my photographic eye has become Japanese. Japan goes wherever I go.

A painter in Santa Fe recently told me that almost all my photos juxtapose weight and uplift, darkness and light, sadness and hope. I, of course, had no idea; was the last to know. Now I begin to see what she sees, and it makes sense. If I am projecting myself into everything I see, then I had to look around to find out who I am.

That would imply that, through these photos, I am showing you a bit of myself.






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  1. The making of a Shinto Bride: Bruce… It is so moving to see this work of art, the birth of a Bride Japanese style through your loving beauty-hungry eye. This is surely a preview in the art of love.


    April 29, 2012

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