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The F Word

What would happen if, when in a conflict, it suddenly was not possible for you to fight, flee, or freeze, to feign, fuss, or fidget, to fib or faint?

What would happen, right now, just for a moment, if you could not even think those words?

As a little exercise, consider thinking/feeling one f word at a time.  Then let that word softly fade from your body and being.

What’s left?

What’s left when all those ways of reacting have silently ceased?

Write to me and tell me what’s left for you?  I’d love to know.  I mean that sincerely.


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  1. kiersten hollar #

    Concerning the f words. starting from the easiest (the end of the list). I find myself fainting often (being weak/helpless) and brought myself to the original time in life when that strategy first worked for me……..
    i re-imagined myself in that scenario…but standing firm. My fainting flesh fading from me, all that remained was bones…strong and upright, then a surge of power.

    going backwards in the list, it was difficult to just feel the concept “fib” in my body, so i got painfully specific, and felt a specific lie that I tell myself.
    the emotion of anger seems to be generated from spinning lies….mostly that someone else is at fault for my circumstances…….and all the reasons i try to come up with to justify myself when i know i am held accountable.

    i hold it in my face, my arms structure, and my hip structure. the simplest way to fade was to feel a direction my face tension seemed to go, let it go there, exaggerate it, then identify on stage what character or action i would be portraying..and notice if i could recall that last thought or idea that was in my head before the tension occured. My mind races so much, that it is often hard to identify one thought. Allowing my face to pursue one action at a time helps single out each lie. Yesterday and today, my face has been processing one fib after another. When it finally fades, it is fun to feel the connecting body tension that releases and fades as well.

    This is the Alexander Art of Confession.

    I think I will be hanging out with fibs for a while.

    I think i will delve more into “freeze” before next weeks training…..since that is my habit when i put my hands on a body when a teacher is near. everything locks up. i am interested in pursuing the idea as a response to conflict.


    October 19, 2011

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